Whole Home Audio

Did you know that Home Audio is now a desired feature in almost every Home?

Ambient music can enhance your living space. Have you ever wanted sound in a specific room or even you entire home?

Let us come out and design and install  that none of a kind solution for you. We specialize in retro fitting existing home as well as design build on new construction. Our Audio systems offer multi and single zones systems with Wireless implementation available as well.

On new construction, we will design, implement and complete the audio system installation.

Since this is a part of the build project you can even finance the cost into your mortgage.

The right solution is just a phone call away.

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Wifi Network Design

Is you home Wifi not performing the way you envison? Have you contacted your internet provider several times and still have a problem?

Clean Technologies is here to save the day.

Many home owners have no idea that the issues they are experiencing with their wireless can be caused by opposing signals from neighbor systems and Rogue wireless devices in their area. These systems can wreak havoc on home Wifi networks.

We have just the solution for you.

An engineer from our company would be more than happy to make a house call and assist you in correcting your Wireless issues.  It is our business to get it right for you.

Just give us a call we will be right on over to save the day.


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Home Theater Design

Let us help you plan and install your nest Home Theater System. You have always wanted a space to view your favorite movies with family and friends.

We have the experience to create just that environment for you. Our friendly staff will walk you though many design features and assist you in getting exactly what you want the it does to a complete home theater solution.

Give us a call today.

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Since 1993

The Clean Technologies Offerings

Home Automation is not just the future anymore. The idea of controlling your home from your mobile device is here.  Let Clean Technologies design and create that peace of mind you have been looking for.

We are anxious to help you network your home, install  a camera system, automate your devices, and provide that custom link to it all by way of mobile interaction. Let us design  that whole house sound system that sets you and your home above the rest.  We have skilled technicians that will come to your home, sit down and meet with you and make sure that your home automation needs are met. It only takes a small amount of time to help you reach your full potential.

Just think, from your mobile device you now have the ability to set scenes that manage and control  lighting when you are away.  Image zoned music thought the home that create a pleasant mood for guest.   The ability to Manage and control door access and garage systems all while viewing your home through the integrated camera system.  Never will you not know whats happening at home.

Get alarm and event notification when things change. Set motions alerts and view areas of your home when they occur. Integrate media resources and cast them to all they TV's in your home.

Whether its whole house sound, home theater design, RF lighting control or just a simple network configuration and modification. We have what it takes to add that spice in your life. Technology is what we do. Let us Automate your home today.


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